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 Burj Financial Capital PJSC was established in 2017 and founded by H.H Sheikh Tayseer Diab Al Marri, now headed by Sheikh Al Abbas Idris Ramamorthy as Executive Director of Investment and Finance. Burj Financial Capital PJSC is the UAE-based holding company for a wide range of leading international and local brands and businesses. It is a professionally managed company with diversified business interests in the automobile trade, travel & tourism, transportation, real estate and logistics sectors.

 Burj Financial Capital PJSC is committed to providing outstanding services at all times, by working closely with its principals, associates, affiliates and customers.

core values;

Our Values

  • 1. Growth – Cultivate an environment of innovation, contribution & relentless improvement.
  • 2. Teamwork – Accomplish results through a culture of transparency, respect & professionalism.
  • 3. Responsibility – Simplify and enhance the processes & procedures to boost productivity and improve accountability.
  • 4. Customer Satisfaction – Demonstrate a commitment to offer quality products & reliable services to drive expectations and satisfaction.
  • 5. Profitability – Create a thriving culture that strives for expanding the business and exploring the potential.


At Burj Financial Capital PJSC, we believe that investment is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. From this perspective springs our aim of helping clients navigate their financial journey through uniquely diversified investments armed with innovative strategies to build a better future for themselves and generations to come.

We transcend uncertainty by leaving no room for speculation; but rather rely on substantive data and precision to safeguard our clients’ interest and welfare. Turning challenges into opportunities for growth is our mastery.

As we reach for new heights, we take pride in our ethical and transparent nature of investment plans that attract both clients; those who seek conventional and sharia-compliant solutions. We are strengthened by our local presence that serves as a gateway to international markets.

Our dedicated financial experts, innovative strategies and state-of-the-art technology set us apart in a fast-changing digital era and equip us to be a pioneer provider of investment solutions whilst upholding international standards.

We do not shy away from challenging the status quo; as we believe our entrepreneurial spirit is a catalyst for innovation. Our supreme cause is driven by achieving our client’s prosperity and financial transformation.

With Burj Financial Capital PJSC, your wealth journey is as much a way as it is a destination.

Evolve and prosper with us…


We achieve our long-term goals by investing in sustainable and diverse opportunities as well as by focusing on building successful relationships with all our partners.


We embody the very best of corporate governance practices. All of our business dealings are undertaken with the utmost transparency and openness, enabling us to uphold the highest standards of ethical and social responsibility.


We truly believe in the work that we do and the opportunities we invest in. However, the core of our growth lies in the people that work with Burj Financial Capital PJSC


We are committed to giving back to our community through the creation of career opportunities as well as by nurturing the concept of entrepreneurship throughout the region.


Our mission is to contribute to the development of the local economy, foster entrepreneurship, pursue business ideas that transform industries and empower them to realise their full potential.
We are at the forefront of the UAE’s economic development, committed to empowering the right partnerships with the right businesses, driving growth, positive change and tangible social impact across a wide spectrum of industries.
Our brand values are imprinted in all we do.

What We Believe In

“We believe that investing is essential for our modern society needs; it should not be hard or difficult to utilize. Investing should be widely available and an easy to understand daily activity.”

Corporate Strategy

“Excessive-use networking and technology to access unique opportunities and provide access to investing for our clients and prospects.”


“At Burj Financial Capital PJSC, we pride ourselves on the various investment strategies implemented by our diverse team of investment managers. Paying particular focus to minimizing risks, investments generate low volatility and absolute returns, while upholding dedication to maintaining a strategic diversity.”

Finding Property in UAE

The company purchases the distinguished properties that meet its ambition, whether external or internal market, and it keens to pick up the best offers. In addition, it has some real estate to sell in case of good deals.

Burj Financial Capital PJSC Estate Investment

Looking to lease, buy or sell properties?

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